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THE SCENARIOThe customer has a controller located in Location A with IP scheme 10.56.X.X/24 There is a LAP located in Location B with IP scheme 10.32.X.X/24. There is a central DHCP server that assigns IP addresses to the customer equipment/clients. ...

Have just done an experiment with connecting 2 AP1252 over a 20km distance with the 5ghz radios (Channel 5745).Each site are connected with two 26dbi flat panel antennas with 0,5m pigtails on antenna A and B connectors. The C connector are disabled.T...

sorvarit by Level 1
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I am finding conflicting information on Web Portal Guest Authentication. I would like to confirm that the guest username and passwords are encrypted (via https) between the client and the WLC during the redirect to the Virtual interface ( in ...

do anybody know when Linksys suppose to release the Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band. I chk w/ Best Buy and they are not sure.

I have a Cisco 4404 version Once apon a time I had a map function that I had maps drawn up that had the location of the AP with the signal strength colors. A vender came in and think they updated my version and ever since that day it is mi...

Resolved! 7921 EDT Issue

I have two deployments of 7921 phones running 1.3.2 and in both locations the phones did not change the time for Daylight Savings Time. Both are CallManager deployments. All the other corded phones (7960, 7961, etc.) at both locations ...

olivds by Level 1
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Just seeing if anyone has run into a similar problem....I have two 1400 outdoor wireless bridges. They have been in place for a couple of years without issue. This past week, the non-root bridge began dropping it's association, at first randomly, the...

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