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Hi Guys!   I have a problem. New site was deployed, devices are installed, and I need to make wireless network to working.   We have WLCs on the datacenter. APs got IP addresses from the local ap mgmt subnet (e.g., and all traffic from...

schulcz by Level 1
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Hello ,does there any solution to prevent WIFI connected users from using any mobile applications like (Fing App) for wifi network scanner. .already I configured below ACL on WIFI connected port on switch  , but useless.40 deny tcp 0.0.0...

W-ALI by Level 1
  • 18 replies
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Hi, i try to install 9800. So used airos config translator and applied it than 9800 working fine and able to see wlan on webgui but 5500 WLC became unresponsive. i can ping 5500 and i believe working fine because all the ap's are still attached to it...

Hello, hi have APs Catalyst 9115AX connected to 100Mbps 802.3af ports. They work normally but led continuously blink green-blue-red. Is there a way to disable red blinking? Accordind to data sheet, AP 9115AX can work with 802.3af PoE: Input power re...

l.buschi by Level 2
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Hey,My objective is to verify users on the Cisco WLC that have been give access or removed access. is there a possibility to review such actions taken through logs. can this be verified from the syslog?? 

Audit by Level 1
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we are planning to migrate 5508 (8.10) wlc to 9800 as a part of DNA structure. physical appliances delivery were delayed. So virtual wlc is deployed. basic configuration was doneMy question here is, can we use IRCM or mobility group to migrate all th...

naresh86 by Level 1
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Hello, I have a Wireless network with 8 9115AX APs running with embedded wireless controller. The software is 17.8.1. I have some random reboots on every APs from time to time. I see that this firmware has some open caveats regarind unexpected reboot...

Hi, I am trying to feed an AP3800 from a WLC  3504 on port 3, 4 There is not a valid option via GUI to activate itI have tried from CLI Config port power 3 enableResult:An invalid port has been used for this function.Config port power 4 enableResult:...

I'm in an interesting predicament. I have a 9800 WLC, that are already in production, and DNA Center that was installed after the fact. This is a non fabric deployment. Version 17.3.4, DNA have seen 101 different documentations all of which ...

jinto26 by Level 1
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