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Channel selection

HiIn Europe we have 13 Channels compared to 11 in USA. Does it matter if i use Channels 1-6-11 or 1-7-13 as non-overlapping channels in relation to the roaming behavior of the clients? I have read somewhere that the overlapping channels are scanned l...

Aironet 350 in MS-DOS

Yeah, you read right.AFAICS, this is the only series of PCI-cards thatcomes with a packet-driver (pktdrvr 1.07 API?).Correct me if I'm wrong.I downloaded the DOSdriver204.exe and read throughthe documentation, but have some questions still.Does the s...

How does lightning affect wireless transmission

How does a storm affect the transmission of wireless signals in a building? This question was posed to me by a customer during a site survey. This is for a school and they will be doing online testing over wireless and are concerned that the wirele...

srosenthal by Enthusiast
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Wireless Calculating Tools

Does Cisco have any free tool for calculating Fresnel Clearance Zone, antenna and cable etc.If so can someone point it to me so that I can download. Anyway, all my wireless sites are using 350 bridges

utawakevou by Enthusiast
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1200AP vs 1100AP

What is the main difference between the 802.11b only 1200AP and 1100AP? I am mainly concerned with setting up repeaters and learning WLAN security. I only need 802.11b for a home lab.

rpellston by Beginner
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VOIP in firetruck

Hi I own a wireless internet service provider and my local fd came to me wanting a solution in their trucks to get their emergency phone line/s into the trucks, i can take care of the wireless end but the VoIP is totally new to me. They already have ...

kblazk86 by Beginner
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EAP-FAST experience?

I proposing securing my Wireless network by configuring EAP-FAST using CiscoSecure ACS with Microsoft Windows Active Directory Database as the authentication database (single 802.1x Windows logons). I thought digital certificates with EAP-TLS would ...

RADIUS Authentication

I am using Cisco Secure ACS 3.2 RADIUS server. I configured my AP's to use my ACS Server to grant access to the AP IOS for administration.Since I have turned that on I can login in via Telnet, but I cannot log in with Internet Explorer. I am running ...

rnance by Beginner
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350 APs and WPA

Hi everyone,I want to implement WPA in a network that has 350s, 1100s and 1200s. The 350s and some of the 1100s are running VxWorks. So my questions would be:- I have to convert all the VxWorks to IOS. Any suggestions for the software version that w...

melisei by Beginner
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VxWorks upgrade from 12.01T to 12.04

Hi, I have setup an AP 1200 for one of my customer's warehouse to work with their symbol scanner. The software version of the AP is VxWorks 12.01T. It has been working fine for the past one year. With the release of 12.04 from Cisco, I upgraded the v...

c.ong by Beginner
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Installing Cert on ACS Appliance

I am trying to install a Cert on an ACS Appliance V3.2. I have created the cert using a MS CA on our network but when I try and install it says that the Private Key file cannot be blank. Any help would be appreciated.-clyde

C1410BR and Trunking

We are running C1410 PP links. One bridge connected to C3550, the other to a Media Converter with fiber running to another MC into a C3550 switch. Had an issue when I tried to configure VLANs on bridges, couldn't pass traffic through trunk ports on...

kwonza by Beginner
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