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Hi Tech people, In my Setup i want to know if  WIFI 6 Connectivity is available ton Cisco WLC 5500 ?  if we use 3800 AP with WLC 5500, how can we achieve the WIFI 6 Feature.  what will be the case if Wireless Controller Supports wifi 6 and AP doesnt ...

802.11k (Neighbor reports) is not mentioned in either the data sheet for the 8821 phone or the current revision of the 8821 deployment guide.  Do the phones support this and/or should this feature be enabled on the VoWLAN ESS to optimize performance ...

dwrice000 by Level 1
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Hi Surendra,I was just given this task to see how i can configure a second ssid for guest access in our environment.this is our network setup prior to this request: Internet----Firewall (not ASA)---ce520---C1131AG and CME router is also connecting to...

Tibell by Level 1
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Hello All, I'm trying to configure Guest WLAN with the Cisco ISE HotSpot portal using Auto-Anchor Mobility.is there any guide describing the whole process?starting with this reference (https://community.cisco.com/t5/security-documents/ise-guest-acces...

I have a DNA-C box on 1.3.1 and a 9800-CL on 16.11.1c and the aim is to deploy a 'normal' (not SDA) network.  The WLC was pre-built before the DNA-C box came on the scene.  I cannot for the life of me get the DNA-C box to import the WLC's existing co...

Hi!I am super new to Cisco gear. I have intermediate experience with Juniper gear though. I am wondering if you are able to help me with my issue.  I have done the initial configuration of the WLC and then I plugged my 2702i into the same switch and ...

I currently have 8 Cisco 2602i lightweight access points connected to our network running Cisco 3650 switches. I have all of the Agents and the Controller setup for these access points with the appropriate VLAN's configured. I was able to get access ...

IT-LDI by Level 1
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Hi guys,I'm having a strange issue with an 1142 AP.  I have a 5508 WLC at my corporate HQ and have AP's in many locations, connected by MPLS WAN.  I have one site where the 1142 is blinking green and doesn't associate with the WLC.  I have tried a di...

nmoore1978 by Level 1
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Hi All. I got this situation that I have over 100 AP-s connected to a CISCO WLC and i need to update the OS and collect the logs (show uptime, version, etc etc...) Can someone please kindly direct me to the function/feature on how to do that with the...

ITC LTC by Level 1
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Hi, I'm playing around with C9800-CL and Yang Explorer. While trying to create a wlan profile, I received the error "expected tag: 'profile-name', got tag: 'wlan-id'".When I leave the wlan-id out, I got an error "/wlan-cfg-data/wlan-cfg-entries/wlan-...

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