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A couple of questions to help me understand wireless mesh networking  1. Why do the RAPs and MAPs participating in the mesh need to be on the same channel2. If there are like 20 APs in a mesh all on the same 5 GHz channel, pretty close to each other,...

TH09 by Beginner
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Hi everybody We bougth a Cisco WLC 2504 with two AIR-AP2702I-UXK9 Access Points. The problem is, that the AP's do not join the WLC.The "show ap join stats" output shows the following: (Cisco Controller) >show ap join stats summary all Base Mac      ...

spitalfmi by Beginner
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Hi everyone, I have been experiencing a challenge that I really have not been able to figure out. I use a CT5520 WLAN controller with code version 8.10.150. At intervals, I realize that some of my APs just start downloading the software image from th...

vezeh by Beginner
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Hi, I was looking at the new 802.11ac AP, so i found that for my region domain there are two models: - AIR-AP1852I-A-K9C - AIR-AP1852I-A-K9 I want to know what is the difference between these two part numbers.  Thank you Ivan

Hi all, My office environment has a total of 50x APs (AIR-AP2802I-S-K9) all managed by 1x WLC (AIR-CT3504-K9). So far i have increased the power for a couple of APs from power level range of 6-8 (which is auto assigned by my WLC) to the range of 1-3 ...

donnie by Beginner
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It is a fresh installed Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 10 connected to Cisco 1815i running the latest versione of Mobility Express.Download speed is slow... VERY slow... terribly slow: less than 1 Mbps in most casesUpload speed is good: 50+ Mb...

SonusFaber by Beginner
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Hi All, I am migrating a 5508 with Flex connect AP's at multiple sites to c9800cl.  Many AP's are connected to non-trunk ports with 'switchport access vlan X' and in the WLC those AP's/Flex groups have 'vlan support' unchecked, with no native vlan or...

We have DCA set to perform a channel update every 24 hours with an anchor time of 1am on one of our WLC’s.  This on both bands.  We believe this may be causing an issue at one location where there are wireless kiosks(iPads) that go offline every nigh...

awatson20 by Enthusiast
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Dear Expert,kindly i have a WLC with Software Version and access points with software version: running on the WLC.recently we bought licenses to be added to the WLC to add more access points, but couldn’t add the access points bec...

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