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Hi, i'm working in CWA deployment using WLC and ISE. It's works as expected but I have many problems with client disconnections issues. This is the flow:- Client connect to open ssid (hidden) and using MAB ISE show up a guest portal. - When client is...

gpinero by Level 1
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Hi We have diagram like one I attached. The users need to go to internet from their PC, AP and switch etc. But we would like the first hop of user traffic is at firewall. That also means when tracert on PC, the first one is at the firewall. A...

wfqk by Level 5
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Hello,I have a ubiquiti nano hd wireless router which works great, and I would like to be able to configure it with my cisco 2921 router and cisco 3570 poe switch to use for my guest wifi and other wireless appliances.

moman62 by Level 1
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Buongiornosono nuovo del forum e grazie per essermi potuto iscrivermi.Io ho un AP 2602 che mi e' stato regalato da un amico che lo ha smontato da uno stabile dove hanno montato dei modelli piu recenti,adesso io voglio collegarlo alla mia rete interne...

Hi to all, just a short question.Hi to all  We have a wireless controller and want to reach airprint services in the wired lan via wireless clients. Do we need multicast routing in our LAN or just bonjour gateway mdns on the controller. Of course, it...

Alex49 by Level 1
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Hello, Since a couple of days, we have these errors on every Flexconnect 3802I/E APs in one of our Sites.Nov 8 14:46:01 kernel: [*11/08/2019 14:46:01.1748] chatter: bad mem_used: have 1520, claim 20597Nov 8 14:46:01 kernel: [*11/08/2019 14:46:01.2340...

Clem58 by Level 3
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Resolved! Reservation of PoE

The cisco switch has a PoE budget of 195w and the AP's draws about 15-17w, so it should be possible to connect at least 11 AP's.This works fine with HPE and Huawei switches, but with cisco switches it reserves 30w per AP so we can only get 6 AP's run...

s.hellman by Level 1
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Hi everybody!Found this paper:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/technotes/8-7/b_encrypted_tunnel_deployment_guide.html It says that:"In release 8.7 end-to-end Tunnel encrypted between Anchor and Foreign Controllers"by issuing ...

Murinos by Level 1
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Have brand new WLC and it makes loud noise time to time,  software version:8.3.143Fan RPM rates are normal went to similar threads and a common fix was to change fan policy - performancebut unable to do so because it shows cisco fan policy override -...

giridar by Level 1
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