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hello    I am setting up Cisco AP 9115 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW9nJ3MEZX0 I saw the link and got to SSID creation.  I don't know how to set up AAA server-related settings and Radius server-related settings. I am sending the configurat...

heyjunsun by Level 1
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Hi, i have at a customer site one WLAN based on Meraki. Three SSIDs are configured: two corporate and one for guests. for the three SSIDs the authentication/authorization policies are enforced by the ISE (v3.3). The users attempting to get access to ...

f-cagica by Level 1
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Hi,I got a CSSM on-prem Server and there are a lot of AIR-DNA licenses.Can you tell me how to link the C9800 to the CSSM on-prem?I can't find any useful information in the internet.Thank you in advance!

Hello Cisco WLAN Experts,I was asked to upgrade the ROMMON and Ethernet Phy  Firmware of our malworking 9800-L-C-HA für WLAN Guests.Background: Our 9800-L-C gets stuck from time to time and stops packet forwarding on 2.5Gbps-InterfacesTicket is open ...

Gehrig_W by Level 1
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Hi,I want to update my Aironet access point firmware and need some help. I'll try to give as many as relevant info as I can: - 2x AIR-AP1815I-E-K9 Access Points - No separate controller and one of the Access Points is acting as controller (depending ...

mmzzaq by Level 1
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Hii have Cisco 9115 axi AP, when i plug in my switch POE, it doesn't turn on in my switch(like the port is down, but it doesn't), but in the side of my AP, i see alternate red and green ligth.See below the initial boot messages error

MedTiti92 by Level 1
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Which is the best Meraki Layer 3 roaming solution to use, distributed L3 or via a concentrator? What are the relative merits of one over another (apart from not have to buy some MXs of course) and when would you use one over the other?

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