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 Hello.I've been hired to perform a report of a wireless site survey, and I'm wondering if it should include the credentials for access points and cisco controller.I couldn't find this information online.I've another concern about the power settings ...

joanaschw by Level 1
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Hello,   i have an CAP 2602 with IOS Version ap3g2-k9w7-xx.153-3.JF9 I have access to the GUI but i can not activate the Radios. When I try it at Easy Setup -> Network Setup - i got a failure. See---   Thats the default: Building configuration... Cu...

VB89 by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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We are currently using 2 Cisco WLC 5508 (software version, since early January we are experiencing many problems with one of our WLC. AP disassociate themselves from the controller for a few minutes and reassociate again. It usually starts...

When I turn off the "LED Display" in Admin section, after a while the AP is not reachable anymore.Reboot helps for a few hours.When LED Display is enabled, the AP work without any Problems for week's. What could be the problem?

Chefmech by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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In the process of upgrading from a WLC4400 to WLC5508. Old controller is running 7.0.98 and new controller is running 8.0.100. Uploaded config from old controller to new without any issues. In testing, I noticed some connectivity issues going to a pu...

kemimol73 by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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Hey all, I'm at a loss on this one - I've deployed a total of about 30 new 3802is over two floors of an existing campus (new construction connecting to existing campus).  Aeroscout engineers are here to help configure some of their exciters and they ...

Hello.I have a Aironet 1242AG and I would like to know if it possible to get it to operate at 108 Mbps speed? I have tried to google for answers and it seems that the 1240 supports 108 Mbps but I can't find how to configure it. At the moment it opera...

rolakron1 by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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Dear All, I need to upgrade WLC 2504 from 7.6 to 8.3 and also access points. My question is do i need to upgrade Access point as well or Access Points will automatically upgrade after upgrading the WLC.  Thanks :>) 

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