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Configure "unreachable controller" alarm threshold for alarm sending on Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Hi, everybody  I just configured the alarms sending on Cisco Prime Infrastructure and worked fine, but I got a problem.  We have many frequent mails from unreachable alarms and it fills our INBOX, so we need to configure something in som...

Cisco AP 2800 and Cisco AP 1250

Hi, we are planning to buy some Cisco AP 2800 to expand our Wireless Network. We currently own 3 Cisco AP 1250. Can AP 2800 and AP 1250 connect to the same vWLC?Can AP 1250 running 15.3(3)JA10 IOS connect to vWLC running 8.2 or 8.3 software?

joao by Beginner
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issue with WLC 2504 controller

Hello, we have an issue with a cisco WLC controller 2504 with 25 AP's connected. This controller is in replacement of another WLC 2504 which was damaged one week ago, but because we didn't make a backup from the previous controller, we had to configu...

preference of 802.11n radio over 802.11g

Hello, I have an SSID with dual band, the 5GHz band is ok, but I want to know if is there any way that in the 2.4 Ghz band can I specify that 802.11n radio would be preferred over 802.11g, because I see that many people are automatically connected to...

WLC 4402, client 1 mac address two IP's

I have a 4402 in production, I have a device called eWon that connects to the 4402 wireless with 2 ip's. The Ip's are routed interfaces on the eWon. How can i get the 4402 to recognize the 2 Ip's? I already disabled IP-MAC Address Binding, but am n...

stein9700 by Beginner
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Microcell tower

My Cisco microcell tower was functioning well with my ATT phone service until recently.  Now there is about a 10 second period at the start of receiving a phone call where the voice is interrupted, not heard or not understandable then the problem res...

Cisco AIR-CAP1532E - Radio Modules down

Hello, I am currently struggeling with the configuration of a Cisco 1532E outdoor access point. It needs to be configured for a site survey in early february so we do not have the time to get a Cisco PoE switch. The AP is connected to a PLANET POE-17...

Resolved! 3800 AP with 3750-G Switches POE problem

hi, we bought some new 3800 Access Points and we have only 3750 Switches at our premises. as this new AP required 802.3at power but our switches are normal POE switches ... is there a work around to solve this problem other than Power Injectors and ...

Lower end clients

Let's say I have some clients that work more or less flawlessly (roaming, tx-rate, stability) like most Apple devices and some mid- to high-end Windows devices. Then I have clients that can't make good decisions with regard to where they associate/ro...

WLC 5508 Licenses disappear

Hello every oneI have the next problem, After install the License for 25 AP more to a wlc 5508 with 100 AP base license  and reboot WLC, the License base for 100 AP´s and this new one 25+, it's not anymore on the system, after reboot the WLC show 0 A...

Antenna Solution with 3700 AP

Hi A building have 6 floors and total 6000sft. we need a wifi solution for this building. we have chosen 2pcs 3702e ap and it has to mounted on 1st floor for whole building coverage.. now what gain antenna i can choose to cover this area with this AP...

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