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Hello!I bought a WLC 5508 with 75 AP licenses, but the AC Wave 2 APs are not adopting. WLC has been updated to: "AIR-CT5500-K9-8-5-182-0.aes". Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?INFO ON NETWORK:Wanted to switch from Mobility Express to WLC. A...

nmack25_0-1693974012456.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 210025.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 211012.png nmack25_1-1693974307924.png
nmack25 by Level 1
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I have put up a vWLC on VMware 6.0, running  Enabled evaluation licences (it's in my Lab), built interfaces and WLANs to use them and now I'm trying to get a 3702i AP to join it. The AP comes up, gets DHCP address OK, gets option 43 OK, go...

Jim Blake by Level 1
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hello deari have issue AP 9120  AXE connect and disconnect to WLC 9800from the AP[*08/30/2022 14:48:39.1611] CAPWAP State: Discovery[*08/30/2022 14:48:39.1621] IP DNS query for CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.IARD.CI.SANLAM.COM[*08/30/2022 14:48:39.1631] DNS...

Resolved! RMA AP1832i

Olá.Tenho dois ap1832i-z-k9 inoperantes e procurei solução na comunidade. Um membro me respondeu que não existe solução, somente RMA. Expliquei que não possuo contrato de suporte e ele me informou que não é necessário um contrato para esse AP.Gostari...

Bertote by Level 1
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Hello, I'm having some issues of comunication with a WLC 9800 and Projectors from Epson brand (Epson 955w), this projects are trying to reauthenticate in every 10 minutes and sometimes this equipment disconect completly. I tried the following: - Disa...

hfaisca by Level 1
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Hi, I have a CT5508 with perpetual licenses and I would like to Know if I can move the licenses to another CT5508, now that this model is End of Support. I mean, if I have an stock controller, can i move the licenses to this stocked controller if the...

LMAR by Level 1
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Hello Community, I would like the guest portal redirection on the C9800 controller to be done only via HTTPS and not HTTP. Is it possible to disable HTTP redirection for the guest portal so that it only works over HTTPS? Thanks, Jackson D.

jdeodato by Level 1
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I tried to update a 3504 WLC from to the Download Site I chose tftp-Method and entered the Server-IP and the Path. After starting the Download, I got an Information, that the Download start - and that’s all. No further Informa...

fstaubach by Level 1
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Migrating the switch in IDF to SDA , I have a question related to the AP connection to the Embedded WC at the BN.It has always been a problem to see the AP's back in the DNAC. Before that the AP's are connected to the standalone WLC 5500. My question...

riah by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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