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Super vlan concept on ASR 9k

Hello,On some non Cisco routers/switches there is Aggregation/super vlan concept, I wanted to configure something similar with ASR with evc/l2vpn.I want to have one big IP addres pule on dhcp server - all request should be sending from one  BVI helpe...

Resolved! Connecting CRS-1 to CISCO7609-S

Hello,We are in the design phase for upgrading the exisiting POS connectivity between the P & PE router.1- A new module will be installed in the CRS-1 (2-10GE-WL-FLEX)2- A new module will be installed in the cisco7609-S (7600-ES20-2X10G)3- XFP-10GER-...

pemalcoun by Beginner
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Resolved! ASR9000 - xconnect to 7600

Hello.Trying to establish xconnect between ASR9010 and 7600. xconnect is up and traffic flow, but traffic left from 7600 with 2 dot1Q tags and from ASR without tags (captured with Wireshark).ASR config:RP/0/RSP1/CPU0:zip#sh running-config l2vpnTue Ja...

cgn neflow collector

Dear all,Has anyone tested CGN neflow collection and could you recommed an open source collector ? Below is my current confg, but no flow are seen by server guys. Server sees othet traffic sourced from Service Infra, so at thsi point I am suspoecting...

Resolved! CGN Netflow

Dear all,I configured neftlow for CGN NAT44, an have few questions:I am assuming flows are sourced from Router's Loopback address. I do not seem to find specific configuration under CGN sesction.What are the commands to be sued to debug or validate i...

Resolved! High CPU Usage in ASR9010

Hi Community,ASR 9010 is experiencing high CPU usage. Output : "run top"315 processes; 1549 threads;CPU states: 50.0% idle, 49.7% user, 0.1% kernelMemory: 4096M total, 2308M avail, page size 4KTime: Thu Jan 17 14:10:13.861 SGT   JID   TID LAST_CPU PR...

saikchak1 by Beginner
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