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                   Concerning the environmental monitoring of a CRS-3 8-slot router, I would like to ask you if there is a way that you can graph temperature values or voltage values like in Cisco 7609 with CISCO-ENVMON-MIB. Are there any other envir...

vilia by Beginner
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Dear all, I got a problem on CRS4.1.2, we already upgrade it from 3.9.2 and then cacti server receive log that can reach SNMP on CRS1.When using 3.9.2, cacti has no problem, and then on 4.1.2 cacti only able to generate report on some interface, and ...

Dear all,I am testing  ASR9K CGN. Although most applications are working fine, browsing is way  below expected...an alarming 3Mb download on a Gigabit port.My test set up is as follows: pc--PE--CGN(vrf inside)--CGN(outside)--PE(global)--MPLS cloud--I...

Hello deal ASR9000 Gods,Since i can't find any detailed information regarding the novel ASR9001, i drop some here:I can see on the Cisco Configuration Tool the existence of a license for up to 8 L3VPN VRFs -A9K-IVRF-LIC -  is it possible to have more...

dfranjoso by Beginner
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Hi everyone,CRS1 IOS-XR 3.8  when i try to ping packet option and got packet loss as below and don't sure that XR limit for ping or not?RP/0/RP0/CPU0:#ping size 3000 count 1000   (ping to outside switch 3750)Mon Oct  8 10:12:34.582 THAIType ...