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I am trying to set up local ethernet switching, between port te0/0/2/2 and te0/0/2/0.200, encapsulated as vlan 200 on an ASR9001.I set up the xconnect under l2vpn, am not seeing traffic between the ports. What else do I need to configure on te0/0/2/2...

aacole by Level 5
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Hi everybody,I'm playing with a CGSE servicecard and trying to get an idea how many servicecards I would need to support all our customers.I know that on servicecard can support upto 20M sessions but the problem which I currently face is that if I ac...

Dear all, I got a problem when running Access-List Based Forwarding (ABF / PBR) with IP SLA. The Cisco document its says Object Tracking IP SLA with ABF is supported on IOS XR 4.2.1, even with the sample. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/asr90...

Hi All, I got difficulties understanding EEM on IOS XR. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios_xr_sw/iosxr_r3.7/system_monitoring/configuration/guide/oc37eem.pdf The EEM is going to be detecting HighCPU on IOS XR, using top command for about 2 minutes, ...

Hi Experts,Im trying to downgrade XR image in ASR9K from 4.3.1 to 4.2.3. The VM file size is about 330Mb. TFTP operation is getting terminated  after some point of time. Im using 3Cdeamon server and has configured  max timeout and retries already. Is...

netops044 by Level 1
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hi,I have asr9k i want to assign video license to slot but i unable to do anyone help me..:)FeatureID: A9K-ADV-VIDEO-LIC (Slot based, Permanent)    Total licenses 3  Available for use         3  Allocated to location     0  Active                    ...

Am researching PE-CE configuration for a multiservice CE, using eBGP as the protocol. The XR fundermentals book describes this, but does not give an example of the CE configuration.I want to configure several sub-interfaces and alloacate to different...

aacole by Level 5
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