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Hi,For Non-fabric deployment.I've provisioned the C9800-WLC-1, created WLANs. profiles, managed AP locations, and assigned APs to such location Floor...and life is good; all works as expected.Now I've Provisioned C9800-WLC-2, configured WLANs, profil...


Buenas tardes, Los molesto por lo siguiente, en los sw cat9300 vienen embebido el wlc, cargamos la versión correcta del ios del sw, pero luego de descubrirlo por medio del dnac, procedemos a la carga del soft del wlc... El tema es que tarda demasiado...

Are there any details about DNAC API responses somewhere? For some values I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. Example: The API response for "Get Device Details" lists interference values when feeded with UUID for an AP. I got "1,8" as a response...

eekman by Level 1
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Hi all, We are currently in the process of planning the implementation of DNAC. I observed in the Cisco DNA Center Legacy Device Compatibility Matrix that N9K is supported, but I couldn't find information on its specific presentation or display effec...

nickkang by Level 1
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