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I currently have a shell script that builds BAT import files for analog gateways (VG310,VG320,VG350,VG450), but I was looking at redoing this in python so it could add it directly to CUCM via AXL. I see a macro/stored procedure called AddVg224, but I...

Resolved! CUCM and DNS

Hi All We currently have CUCM Ver: 11.5 and there is already a primary DNS and domain name configuredWe now want to add a secondary DNS server. Is the following correct way to do this set network dns secondary X.X.X.XTo Confirm DNS is thereshow netwo...

Is there anyway to set call forwarding faster? As it is now, I have to click 4 times to get forwarding setup if Jabber is not visible on my screen. I frequently am away from my desk and need to forward calls every time i leave. Is there a shortcut or...

TFrohe by Beginner
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With the TAPI 12.5, we observed that the call states for the outbound calls are inconsistent where sometimes it shows Dialling or Ringing in the Call Control panel of the CallTouch application.  So, we analysed the TSP logs and found inconsistency in...

Hi, I have a question about an implementation that is going on. We have implemented a CUCM and CUC in version 12.5.1000 and we are using the call handler functionality. Everything is working perfectly, except for ring back functionality via MRA. When...

spazziani by Beginner
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Dear all, A few days ago I saw that my phone services was not working on android phone.I understand that jabber updated to 12.9I removed it and installed 12.8 and now it is working.I did not find anything special in 12.9 release notes. My versions:CU...

mmaamm238 by Beginner
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