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Hi,I have currently deployed Cisco Jabber along with Expressway C and E for external regeneration without VPN. I have successfully registered IM and Presence service externally on the internet and I am able to chat with other Jabber users. I am not a...

Hi, Customer is deploying Microsoft DirectAccess for home users who use Jabber for Windows. I am told that DirectAccess will only use IPv6 I can't find any documentation either way to say whether IPv6 is supported or not Anyone know if it does or is...

Dear Community,I have the following situation that you might have stumbled across:CUCM v10.5.x and IM & Presence 10.5.x is used.There are multiple IM and Presence domains (domain A and domain B for example) configured.Is there a way to automatically ...

Igor Lukic by Spotlight
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