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Hi,  We did set the impersonation-rights on all mailboxes in the pilot for presence information. Some accounts when not logged-in with jabber have the status "off-line, in a meeting" other who are doing the same have no status. Why is that?We use jab...

MJonkers by Beginner
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We are in the process of replacing around 22 physical Cisco phones for our sales associates with the Cisco Jabber client. The Jabber client will become their primary telephony device. Any ups or downs to doing this? What has been your experience?

ljohnson7 by Beginner
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Hello,I work on a Cisco Codian 8510. The Cisco Software runs in Internet Explorer. The Cisco software windows updates itself every 15 seconds. Now the problem: through updating itself the Cisco software window becomes the active window, it switches a...

kaispiess by Beginner
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Hi All,Does CWMS support attendee registration similar to the hosted version when using Event Centre? I have looked through the latest 2.5 documentation and can't find it so assume its not available.If its not available are there any workarounds that...

CUCM and IM&P are both at 10.5This is new deployment and we're doing pre-deployment testing.  When one person creates a group chat with a couple of other people, both of the others get invited to the group chat and upon accepting, both see the group ...