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Hi I am currently trying to pass on finesse credentials to an iframe, but are having little luck. Am I overseeing an option?I have an subsite that actually validates against the finesse api. And of course I cannot ask the user to first sign into fine...

nmw000007 by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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Hi All,New to ContextService, and ran into an issue.I was able to register, and get the connection data, using the credentials provided to me.However when taking one of the samples and trying to run them, I encounter exceptions when the client is try...

dschimmer by Level 1
  • 32 replies
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Hi, allI am developing 3rd party app to work with cisco finesse through the gadget.Now I need to close the call with the correponding result. I want to check dialog state and update the call record in 3rd party.For the beginning I want to take 2 resu...

  We're using a form element to support an ASR interaction.  In the element settings tab we set No Input Timeout to 10s.  In the element settings tab under VoiceXML Property we set bargein to false.  The audio is 9 seconds in length.  What appears to...

MikeHMirt by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Dear Cisco Folks,Would you share me some tips on how I can achieve this type of report. We already have an ACD and non ACD report in place but this covers everything. Now we have a requirement to specifically filter/report on outbound calls that are ...

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