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1000v Design & Conifg Feedback

Hello Everyone,Please need your valuable feedback regarding Nexus1000v design. please see attached digram.Will be using standalone server with 2 dual 10G to dual Nexus7000 for VM traffic, but using 1G connection for Nexus1000v management, vMotion but...

mhasabal by Beginner
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N1K How control PO number assignement

Hello,let's take this port-profile (port-Channel) as exemple:!port-profile type ethernet Channel-VLAN1601  description Channel Uplink Access to VLAN1601  vmware port-group  switchport mode access  switchport access vlan 1601  channel-group auto mode ...

helenio by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Unable to Add VEM to VSM

I'm having a strange issue now that I have valid licenses installed on my VSM. I got 4 of my hosts added to the VSM with the new licence just fine. However I'm getting the following errors now with the other two hosts I'm trying to add. Consequently ...

jbain44 by Enthusiast
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Need help please

thank you so much in advance.i am trying to find out how many CPU the following license can support?Remove PAKProduct SKU Option SKUDescriptionLicenses to RegisterOrdered:FulfilledAvailableQtyL-N1K-VLCPU-VMELA= L-N1K-VLCPU-VMELA= : Nexus 1000V CPU Li...

mhasabal by Beginner
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Nexus 1010 design question

Nexus 1010 itselft does not have a packet vlan, only have management , control and data: Options 1,2,3 and 4 ONLY select interfaces for management, control and data.Nexus 1000v VSM module installed on the 1010 have management, control and packet VLAN...

aalejo by Contributor
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