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Hello, We are currently using a Be6000 system and when we schedule a call forwarding on our phones (model 7945) to external numbers, it works perfectly when the original call comes from an internal position, but when it is an external call then this ...

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Translator by Community Manager
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I am migrating the current to virtual platform with ESXi. On this case the MAC will be different so I would need another license file. But is possible download the current .lic file from the physical cucm? I have found only the option ...

Hi I have CME with two IP Phone IP Phone1: CME: IP Phone2: IP Phone2 have and after NAT have, the problem I faced is the phone 2 can ring but not receive any Media only send,  How I make Pho...

Abdu by Beginner
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Hi everyone , i need help to resolve the issue (i have router c2851 with 4FXO and nme(Cue 3.1) +cme )what i need if any income call from pstn, the caller he listening the specific message audio and after that transfer him to internal number in my net...

Dear All, The gateway is mgcp. The phone behind it has number 4082022002. When making a call at 2002 and 2022002, the phone can get a bell voice. but if making a call at 4082022002, the phone cannot get voice, but I can get it debug message as below....

eigrpy by Enthusiast
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Using a Cisco 2901 ISR configured for H323 connecting to CUCM 7.x - Using H323 for caller-id support on the FXO ports.  It's a VIC2-2FXO and both inbound/outbounds calls is working fine.  However, when an inbound call is made and not answered, the FX...