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Hello, regarding how CUCME matches an outbound voip dial peer. Apparently it matches the entire string of digits"en bloc" to match the dial peer.However in Jeremy Ciaora's CCNA Voice book he does a "debug voice dialpeer" which shows the CME router pe...

fran19422 by Level 1
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Dear All we NEED a solution for transferring.our issue is we want our secretary can transfer the call even before call get connected ( in ring out phase) issue is the transfer softkey will appear after the call is get connected not before thathow can...

User A & User B both have SNR setup for their mobiles. User A calls User B's desk phone from their mobile. User B's phone shows User A's desk number ringing. CallManager then rings User B's phone due to the SNR configuration. The CLI presented to Use...

I have 2 MGCP gateways and each have 1 PRI. These PRIs are under same Route Group. If my primary PRI fails then calls are not routed off of 2nd PRI, but calls routed off of next Route Group which is my backup location.Following Service Parameters are...

dpuranik by Level 1
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I have been asked to supply supporting documentation to build a case for load balancing between two CUCM clusters. I recently found out that new sites are being added to the cluster that has over 1000 locations while the 2nd cluster has just over 600...

jwetzel53 by Level 1
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Hi all, I have configured two endpoints 8941 & 9971 phones,when i  make a video call from 8941 phone to 9971 phone ..... there is no video displaying in 8941 phones but in  9971 phones able to see the calling person from 8941 phone...(i am enabled ve...