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Hello all,I have a 2801 router with C2801-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T5, CME 7.1 installed and an isdn vic2-2bri-nt/te card.I'm trying to make phone calls with the ephones through and from the isdn line but in both cases i experience one way audio,the...

Hi,Can anyone confirm me what is the codec being used between a Cisco IP phone and Cisco Unity server. Also i want to know what is the minimum bandwidth required for communication between a cisco IP phone and Cisco Unity Server.                  

Hello,I defined below dial-peer on CME 7.1 to forward any number starting with 9 to PSTN. I want to to strip the 9 prefix and forward remaining 8 digits to PSTN line. But it doesn't strip and forwards all the 9 digits. I configured it in two way:====...

Hey team,I need to pull the virtual machine for CUCM 8.6 off the UCS server, rebuild the server and then restore it.  Does any have a link to the best practices for copying the VM off of the server?All replies will be rated!!                  

                   Hello everyone,the need is for about 500 analog phones connecting back to to CUCM 8.6.  Does anyone have a way to get that many analog phones over to CM using something other (read cheaper) than VG224s?Thanks in advance!  All repli...

Hello everyone..We have a Cisco 3845 configured as gateway router with H.323.Now , we have DID configured in our network. Our IP phones have 2 lines configured one for Internal VOIP calls and second for DID outbound calls.Now, problem is in the DID c...