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Hello,I have call manager 8.x anyways I have a cisco 7961 phone that has 2 of the same extensions that a 7941 phone has.  The 7941 has two lines with the same extension.  When you call the 7941 phone and the first line is taking up, the 7961 phone li...

Hi,  I appreciate there are several discussion along this line already, however I have a H323 configured gateway on a CUCM for PSTN access, with an FXS Card used by Fax Machines which is controlled by MGCP. Reading the exiting posts I believe they de...

ian.ryder by Beginner
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Hi,Basic call works fine, but does not work extension dial number (DTMF). Here's my scheme connections:                         SIP                                   H.323SIP Provider <-------------->GW(Cisco2821)<-------------->CUCM8.5.1Router confi...

Hello every body,I have to integrate Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 with MS Outlook for Unified Messaging.In unified messaging by default once the voice msg received it will send as wav file attachment to clients email.Because of Mail Box size issue, my ...