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Resolved! CUCM 7.1(5b)

Hi All,I'm configuring CUCM 7.1 for the first time after working with 4.x and have a question.  The option for the NANP does not show up in the drop down list in the device pool config.  Do I have to install it? Should the option be there by default?...

Intercom Delay Ring

Hello,I'm new to the site and would appreciate all the assistance I could get from everyone here. Thank you in advance...When I dial the intercom number of one of my phone, it takes at least 10 seconds before it rings (the caller hear dead air during...

7941G Firmware Upgrade

We are curently running CallManger ver  The current firmware on the 7941G is SCCP41.8-4-1S and we want to upgrade to firmware version 8.5(2).  Looking at the release notes it talks about device packs.  What are device packs?  Is that som...

dtom by Beginner
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911 fxo call back not working

I have a 2851 at customer site.  It has 2FXO for SRST and 911 calls.  I can call 911 going out the FXO port but when I get a call back the second FXO answers after 2 or 3 rings and gives dial tone , and you can make a call out.  If I look at the Dial...

tim.dunn by Beginner
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