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Dear All,I have call manager bussiness edition, and our user is having Error 41 - Temporary failure. I check on the CDR, a lot of user experiencing call terminate, and their phone is " configuring IP " status. Any suggestions what may cause this erro...

chris_smt by Beginner
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What I have now:H.323 voice dial peers towards every branch.The problem is that we start to grow too quickly.And I realize that it is difficult to me do manage all these dial peers. Someone said to me that gatekeepers is the solution.But I do not not...

I just took over day to day operation of our phone system. I have an administrative assistant that has multiple shared lines on her phone. She wants those lines to forward to her extension (line 1) after ringing the orignal person and then return t...

pwaehner1 by Beginner
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Resolved! CME 7.1 to CCM 6.1

Hi all i have tried to connect CCM to CME but it only works in one side : from CCM to CME it works well i can even hear my self in the other end however from CME to CCM i have a busy tone signal:the following is my configuration setup:On CallManager ...

I have an 2621XM router with a NM-HDV.It has 5xPDVM-12 dsps. There is a E1(1Port) Multi-Flex Trunk WAN Daughter Card card in the vic slot 0.Im trying to setup conference resources using the dspfarm confbridge maximum sessions .., the only option avai...

I have 3 CM clusters which can call over the ICT. The issue is we never kept the phone directories updated. Is it possible to export all users within one cluster and import them into a different cluster? The Clusters are a mix of 6x and 4.2.3

dvanzee by Explorer
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