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I am trying to setup the mulitdirectory for my uc 7.0 culster. I have the sdk installed and running on a windows 2003 box.i can access the mulit directory service but i keep getting a XML Error [4] Parse Errorwhat could this be

QoS Implementation

Hi Sirs,, I need some information on QOS. My Boss gave me a project to implement a basic QoS on 1 of our remote locations which has a DSL link to the HQ. I need the basic configuration to implement on this 2851 router.Since i'm new to cisco VoIP I wo...

MNS NOC by Beginner
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Need help on Debug ISDN q931

We got an odd problem. When we dial a couple of external number which starts with 686 prefix, the calls are routed back to our internal numbers. The following is the output of "Debug isdn q931" on our Cisco Voice Gateway.Jan 7 09:17:37.253 PST: ISDN...

Resolved! Bulk Add

Looking for some ideas. What is the most efficient way to add 300 phones to my CM cluster? Is the BAT tool the fastest way to do it? Has anyone used TAPS? One concern is, we usually deploy ext mobility which isn't dependant on the phone. This particu...

dvanzee by Explorer
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Resolved! Combining ISO files

I`ve just downloaded the two IOS files I require for an upgrade and have combined them using the COPY UCSInstall.....PART1OF2+ UCS....PART2OF2 UCSInstall....SGN.ISO as per Cisco but the resultant file is very much smaller - is this correct,Am I missi...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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