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Jabber failover issue

Hi All, Does anyone knows if version 12.6 resolved the failover issue with Expressway , prior to version 12.x , version 11.9 document stated clearly that it is not supported but now on this version 12.6 , I do not find this note !! , does this mean t...

Zoltar by Beginner
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Resolved! Inter-CUCM Calling

I am trying to call between two phones registered in two different CUCMs . I am trying to configure SIP trunk between  the two CUCM, but the SIP status shows unknown -options ping not enabled. I followed steps to enabe options ping for sip profile, b...

AMB14 by Cisco Employee
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Hunt Group - Queuing Capacity

I note that the Cisco documentation states the following:"A single Unified CM Subscriber supports a maximum of 100 hunt pilots with call queuing enabled per node" This raises a few questions in my mind:1: I'm reading "node" in this context as "subscr...

imellor by Beginner
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Voice mail profile devices

Hello,I wonder how I can view devices that have a specific voicemail profile assigned. Voice Mail Profile VM-PL (used by 2 devices)I can see that two devices are using a specific profile, but do not know how to check which particular devices are usin...

ziqex by Participant
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Cisco SIP Dialog

I implement Cisco SIP Dialog and create module to parse SIP Packets , Is there documentation to help me know dialog in details between call manager and Cisco IP Phone in all cases : normal call , hold call , waiting call , transfer call and conferenc...

SIP trunk configuring problem

hi all ....we have Cisco cme 3900 serieswe are trying to config the sip trunk from zain . but that sip registration is always rejecting from zain system. we contact to zain but they are all so not perfect to guide us what was the problemi can ping th...

paramesh by Beginner
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SIP Profile question - invalid incoming caller ID number change to private for outbound calls

Hi guys, I'm trying to have our router setup so any calling going through it outgoing if the caller ID number is not correct (10 digits) it displayed private/anonymous.Here is what I've done, I created a rule to change any caller ID that's not in cor...

hmalekib by Beginner
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