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HelloLooking to setup a remote office with fewer than 20 people that'll use our CCM's accross a full T1. Also setting them up with a T1/PRI for voice.I'm hoping to accomplish all of this by using just a 1751v router.Anyone know if putting both a ful...

snooter by Beginner
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Dear All, We are trying to install Atlas Sound Speaker phone model 18S in Berbee 5.1 but we are unable to do so. Do we require any firmware files before adding Speaker in Berbee. I have tried to check for the same in C:\ProgramFiles\Berbee\webapp\res...

amansoi_5 by Beginner
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Have a customer running Unity 4.2(1). WHen using the phone to set alternate greeting the following occurs."Attempted to setup my alternate greeting but was unable to set an end date. When I pressed "7" (for seven days later) I got the following messa...

miked by Beginner
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Hi, could someone help, please.If CCM (ver.4.0) supports G.729 for the CTI-ports? The problem I have is CTI-ports can't dial to ip-phones after CCM is configured to use G.729. With G.711 everything is ok.Many thanks in advance.

AngryFriar by Beginner
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Hi,I'm trying to configure the PRI group setting on Controller E1 0/0 on 2600 12.2 to pri-group timeslots 1-31 and am getting the following message.%Voice interface must be shutdown before updating configuration.I tried issuing the shutdown command t...

johnnymac by Beginner
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Dear all,I've been struggling a long time to get my ATA's working. first I thought the ATA wouldn't work with HP faxes, but now... I even get communication errors on Canon faxes. I want to move all the faxes from my traditional telephone central, but...

WE have installed the Call Manager 4.1(3) and this is being integrated with a non CISCO (ITS Telecom VME Pro) Voice mail box.As suggested by Cisco, we hace connected the RS-232 Port and FXS Ports for communication.The incoming Calls are landing on th...

gsriraman by Beginner
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I have a question about hunt groups and the way they work. First if I have the following hunt list with these ext.00010002000300040005Now I create a P of 8888. Now when someone calls 8888 and I have the option Top down. It will start calling 0001 and...

Can you experts please share your opinions on if Security is an absolute must in Cisco VoIP solutions? Specifically i'm talking about authentication between phones and gateways, and running Secure RTP accross the wire. The types of solutions I will ...

SBCdd7343 by Beginner
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I am configuring E1 for PRI for the first time and am having some trouble. The telco has provided the following information;- E1 32 channels- Switch is primary clock- Framing is CCS- Coding is HDB3 and CRC on or off- Signaling protocol is SS7- Frami...

After enabling SRTP on our H.323 gateways, we can no longer dial a DID number for a specific user and get their voice mail. When using Call Viewer on the Unity server, you can see the call come into Unity just fine. All you hear is a busy signal.