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Does anybody know if (and when) DCNM-SAN will be available as a Nexus 1010 VSB, as it is with DCNM-LAN now?PS: Here is my previous question on how (as I wrongly assumed it was possible, looking at the documentation), which was answered by Padma (a ge...

I want to create just one applet to monitor all my vpn tunnels ( I cannot use .tcl scripting, it bombs on sending emails to our old SMTP server, but applets work fine).Here is what I have ....event manager applet VPN-Downevent syslog occurs 1 pattern...

Hi there.I'm trying to get the VLAN's a trunc port is a member of using snmp using the CISCO-VTP-MIBThe following key holds this information: .

haneid by Level 1
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LMS 4.2.1 on W2K8 R2I just want to send an email for any sev 1 or 2 syslog messages received.  I set up an automated action that looks like this:Automated Action Summary Name: Critical Events EmailDevices: *State: EnabledParameters: TO=John.Doe@examp...

jedavis by Level 4
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We have CPU reports set to run daily for some of our higher priority switches, and we've noticed that some of the data isn't meshing with what we see on the switch. We have one heavily utilized switch that reports near 100% CPU utilization sometimes....

Hello,I can't inventory a 4507R + E / SUP7E Version 15.1.1 SG with the last version of LMS 4.2.1. Next, the extract of IC_Server.log.I think LMS can't interpret the CISCO_ENHANCED_IMAGE_Mib [ Tue Aug 07  11:02:11 CEST 2012 ],ERROR,[Thread-36],com.cis...

Dear,Apparently, dom is enabled on our switches, there is also an entSensorThresholdNotifiction trapdefined in this mib. Wich snmp command do we use to activate the trap if a threshold is triggered ?Is it "snmp-server enable traps entity" ? or some o...

lni1 by Level 1
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HI,Cisco 7600 running "c7600s72033-advipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SRE6.bin"what i'm trying to do is get the bgp peer state  using the OID   . , however , i only get the ipv4 adresses , is there a way i can get the ipv6 peer states via ...

Resolved! EEM issue

Dear,I am trying to configure an EEM applet  in order to shut an interface when an ip sla failed. On this router we use AAA so i have configured an aaa  list to bypass authorization .!!aaa authentication login EEM noneaaa authorization config-command...

ecritel75 by Level 1
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Hello,I have a Nexus 5596UP with a layer 3 module installed.Does anyone know if this will ever support netflow?I know the 5596UP doesn't have the correct hardware for it, but does the layer 3 module not have the ability to do this for it's own ports?

paul.cox by Level 1
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