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in LMS 4.1, under Monitor->Identity Dashboard, i have "user tracking summary" as a portlet, which tells me i have ~ 17,000 users.  when i click the report, it pops up a screen that shows mac address, ip address, hostname, subnet, etc.If i try to do A...

ciscomgr by Beginner
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Hi,Our LMS system was running fine and has been for 4 months up until a few days ago - unable to browse to it either remotely or locally on the box, just get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Initially, as we had a few windows update et...

Hello I'm having an issue with LMS 4  where it's failing to collection configuration from devices."Hello,The following is the status of your Scheduled Config collection job: Job ID         : 1045 Status         : Job Failed(111) Description    : Syst...

HiI have the next problem:Now the client need to install the WCS version in the same server of Cisco Work but the installer promts the error "TFTP port 69 needed by WCS is already in use. Please free the port before intalling"I think the problem was ...

juankcs85 by Beginner
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i just received our PAK for the prime ncs 1.i registered it on the web and received the email which clear states"Before you proceed, make sure that the NCS appliance is running and configured on the network."i need to download the software appliance....

ashirel by Beginner
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Hello,In the release notes for DCNM 5.2, it states that DCNM-LAN can be installed as a virtual machine.  However, no where does it state that DCNM-SAN can be installed as a virtual machine.  So my question is can DCNM-SAN be run as a VM?  It would ma...

I have installed cisco lms4.1, seems to berest all working fine. But am not finding a option to enable email seetings options to send reports. I have already set smtp servers, through whihc threshold alerts are trigering, but am unavle get best pract...

garadi936 by Beginner
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