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Hi GuysIs there a way to change your login prompt when you are using Tacacs?Using local database I got aUsename:      promptwith tacacs I getLogin:           promptI know I can change the username prompt for the local, but can I change it for Tacacs?...

N W by Beginner
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I want to access the database through ODBC.I have followed the instructions of documentation and I can access the server but I can´t access the views because user database fails.User database I´m using is ´lmsdatafeed´ with the password created in th...

Cisco Works - Common Services 3.0.3, Campus Manager 4.0.3, RME 4.0.3I have devices that are "discovered" via Device Discovery, but do not show up in Campus Data Collection. The devices that do not show up, are "reachable" in Device Discovery. I thoug...

v-yelmene by Beginner
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Resolved! EEM applet query !

Hi all experts.I am trying to write an applet that shows me the first 5 processes of show process cpu sorted command. I was trying to achieve this using foreach loop but i think i am lost. I am not getting much idea how to select first 5 process from...

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Hello,to start with the first problem: i have no expirience with the whole network, vpn and port stuff.I'm  using Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Version 2.5.2019 at an university  network to connect to the internet. I have to define an address for a  Pr...

Guys,Right now we have CiscoWorks 3.1 with SmartNet support until June 2012, can we update to 3.2 and keep the Support contract??I downloaded the file for the update...but will it ask me for a serial number? or to put a file in a folder? will I loose...