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Hi,I have a problem with netmanager, no available records or not data available message is shown whe  I want to get  a historical reportThe problem came up after the hards disk got full; I thought the problem will be resolved after getting more space...

Hi thereI recently installed LMS3.2 in the setup process it asked me for the *.lic file which I provided. I then installed diffrent updates and patches for LMS. LMS is working int the common services tab. but anything else gives me a error: The licen...

Hello,I have a problem with the authentication module MS Active Directory LMS v4. All members of the Active Directory have access to LMS (All my company). They inherit the default role. The default role has no rights...It's not very secure because th...

iibesis by Beginner
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First:App: v3.2OS: Solaris 10 ( Sparc, 64 bit )In Common Services, in the device distribution section, is lists over 1000 devices in the RME row.In RME->Device Management , it lists 1344 "Normal" devicesIf you click on "Normal Devices"  and select "A...

John Gooch by Beginner
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