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Ciscoworks LMS 3.2 Queries

Hi,     I need to know if Ciscoworks LMS 3.2 supports the following.    1) Forwarding of events/alerts to SMS instead of just SMTP?    2) When the event/alert is cleared, will DFM be configurable to send an update through SMTP/SMS?

LMS 3.2. Error in Job

hello,We get this error when this job run. DeviceCommands X.X.X.X set cam notification enable set snmp trap enable macnotification set cam notification added enable Gi1/0/8 set cam notification removed enable Gi1/0/8 set cam notification added enable...

j-fragoso by Beginner
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RME 4.3 update for Rtr2900

Dear *,I am trying to install Rtr2900 update for RME4.3. To do this i need to install To install this sharedswimIOS i need to install Unfortunately this shareswimrtr800 i did not find i...

xshant by Beginner
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NMS for WAN !!!

Hi all,My customer wants a SNMP based network monitoring tool for WAN on protocol basis ?Does any body know any solution. In cisco we have Cisco Work to monitor LAN but in my requirment I have to do detailed real time monitoring ...Regards,Anis

Resolved! Common Services 3.3 won't discover any devices.

I keep getting this message from the Device Discovery Summary page when I start the discovery.  An instance of discovery is running already. Please try to start once it gets  completed.  There is no job running but it keeps giving me the error.  The ...

miyake by Beginner
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LMS2.5 RME DB not displaying

After some power issues our LMS2.5 RME section hasnt worked. i worked through the steps suggested for corrupt transaction and even corrupt DB. i tired a restore as well, but the RME restore failed.I have reinitilized all of my DB and have started aga...

Resolved! Upgrading RME 4.3.0 to 4.3.1

When attempting to do an upgrade to the system from RME from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1 in the middle of the install it tells me "These files are currently being used by another running process."   The processes are dmgtd.exe and tomcat.exe.  At the command prom...

Resolved! Common Services and device removal

Hello group,Just joined our new Ciscoworks server to our ACS server per the documentation and everything went fine except for the device import from LMS to ACS. Anyway, I have gone through and added a bunch of our devices to ACS manually and now they...

Archive On Changes - Ciscoworks

Looking to automatically save a configuration in the CW RME archive on any configuration change to routers/switches.  Is there a fast and easy way to do this? Yes.. Yes... I know that archives can be scheduled periodically.  I am looking to trigger i...

Cisco Works Custom Report

Is there a way that I can create a report in Cisco Works RME that allows me to run an adhoc I want to report on the following for all my selected devices:     show inventory | include SX|LX|LHThe output on an individual switch gives me:Sw...

Resolved! LMS - Promote Slave to a Master

Is there a way to promote a Ciscoworks slave to a master? I know that the slaves have a copy of the DCR so it seems that you should be able to turn it into a Master without losing any data. I'm asking this because I'm curious about what would happen ...