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CiscoWorks 3.1

In Ciscoworks 3.1 what is the best method to make a config change on your switches?  I want to add some usernames to my access switches.  Would i do this thru RME??  Any help is appreciated.

Packet capture

Hi my network is like this.ISP-->Router--->ASA(PATTED)----trunk/routed port------------------> Switch(vlans)--->internal usersValns are not communicating among each other.I am able to capture the packet on particular vlan.Say vlan5 with g...

sushil by Beginner
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Can we have rmon alarm rising and falling threshold for interface utilization by %ageI found only possible by octets/bytes.

tahseen12 by Beginner
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which cisco router to buy?

HiWe have a network of 70 cisco switches and recently acquired CiscoWorks. I understand I need to get a Cisco router to :1.  use NTP to synchronise time on all the switches2. use it a a Source Router (with IP SLA feature) when defining collectors in ...

raoul2341 by Beginner
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Resolved! Upgrading LMS 3.2 Issues

Just upgraded to LMS 3.2 and now have a few problems, I hope they are all related. One problem is the speed of the application as a whole, but especially managing processes within Common Services.  Almost every page takes longer to load than the prev...

VSS Ciscoworks LMS 2.6

I am unable to archive configuration from VSS using LMS 2.6 with RME 4.0.6.I understand that VSS configuration support is available only after LMS3.0. But I do not really need to configure VSS. I just need to add the VSS to Ciscoworks and archive the...