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Hello there, In my company network we were having Cisco ASA 5500 series firewall but, accidentally because of power surge we lost it. Any one who can just help me for security protection with other means will have a huge welcome. Temporarily I needed...

Hi everyone, i'm reletively new to packet tracer but require some help on a task i've been assigned.  I cannot seem to get the server to connect to the rest of the network and the PCs will ping each other successfully but the switch and router return...

Intrepid by Beginner
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Dear,I am working on a Cisco CoreSwitch 9606R.When I issue the command "show logging", I am seeing too many logs linked to the event of snmp authentication failures for snmp requests coming from some servers.  I would like to find out how to stop the...

HiI'm following "Introduction to Ansible for IOS XE" and hitting and issue with the always on XE sandbox. The first task is to run "ansible-playbook ansible-02-ios-modules/02-ios_command_show.yaml"When I run that I get a network error. "invalid conne...

sprosons by Beginner
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\Hi,So, i have created a local username/password on my switch device and have used " login local" on line vty to gain access to the device. I also have ISE in my prod environment so i will configuring aaa next.My question is, to enable Tacacs, along ...

msmalik by Beginner
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Hi dears router N540X-16Z4G8Q2C-A restarted frequently  without any error  in  logHow can i  know  the  reason for  this  issue ?FYI#sh reboot historyTue Jun 22 11:16:55.896 UTCLocation: 0/RP0/CPU0-----------------------------------------------------...

Eng.AD27 by Beginner
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