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I am trying to enter a command unique to each switch based on a query I make.  For example,If I ask, sho interface loopback | include internet address, I want to take the output and enter it into an ACL.  But I not very good with scripting.. Thanks.

Drachiri by Beginner
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Hello,I'm trying to get get interface shwo ip int GigabitEthernet0/0/4 params via a HTTP Get method, and I do always get a response 404 NOT Found. In the request I used the URI : c...

hi I have built a menu with 6 options, number 6 being the default to exit, however what i want to happen is when the user chooses option 1 for instance it runs the embedded tcl but instead of returning to the menu again after i want it to automatical...

PD09 by Beginner
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Hi all, I've been trying to configure inside destination NAT rules on IOS 16 but however, the command ip nat inside destination list 100 pool xxx is reported as ambiguous and it seems that the router is not accepting the pool parameter. Or is there a...

Usually I find a switch port for a device by running the commandsh mac address-table | in XXXX (where the 'X's are the first for numbers in the MAC address.)and a short list is returned, and I can find the full MAC, then I know my port number, or tha...

Hi Guys, i configure the Prime Infra 3.7 HA with Virtual IP address. My secondary is not taking over and  i  am facing the following logs in The Primary Health Monitor details. when i turn off the Primary instance, Virtual ip is not reachable. no GUI...

Hi All,I'm trying to connect to our switch via telnet using script. It's just a basic script to change the hostname. But everytime I run the scrip I get an error. import getpass import telnetlib HOST='' user = input("Enter your remote acc...

JCubio by Beginner
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