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Prime Infrastructure 3.7 hang

Since upgrading from virtualized Prime 3.6 to 3.7 we are experiencing frequent application hangs.  I just can't log in, the wheel spins forever.  From the CLI a show app status NCS shows everything running.  CPU is not taxed.  Not sure what is going ...

jedavis by Enthusiast
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Certificate validation failure on Remote Access VPN using certificate authentication - Firepower 2130

HelloI have a remote access VPN running on Firepower 2130. I use "Certificate Authentication Only".My server certificate is signed by an authority and my client certificate is signed by another authority. When i try to connect i have a "certificate v...

alain d1 by Beginner
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Current Associated Wired Clients

Hi there,Thanks for reading! I'm  looking for a way to export a list of associated wired clients.  I'm currently looking under Inventory \ Network Devices \ Device Groups \ All Devices \ Device Details \ Clients I see the list I'm looking for but not...

Bob Greer by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Network Deployment Automation

Hi, I am wanting to automate the deployment of configs to fresh out of the box routers without touching said routers.  My question is how to do this?  Any explanations into how routers communicate out of the box e.g. tftp and PnP broadcasts would be ...

AlexF8901 by Beginner
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SNMP Context Cisco NXOS vlan match

Hi all,we are using Netdisco for reading MAC addresses from our switches.Since I configured SNMP V3 insteed of V2 I have to use the following command on IOS switches that the mac suck works:snmp-server group v3group v3 auth context vlan- match prefix...

Netw0rker1 by Beginner
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Authenticate users when they connect for the first time to my network and assign them bandwith permissions and others.

HI everyone.  I need a solution that when you connect to my network via wireless or fiber, it asks the user to authenticate with a username and a password and then based on its account, will receive certain bandwith for a certain time and maybe other... Network

Hi Guys,  I need some help in assigning the IP addresses ( Network) to 4 routers located in 4 different branches, I want to the LAN users to get the IP addresses from /28 network, Please see the topology attached to the message.  Regard...

Visauk47 by Beginner
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