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Hey all  I got a couple of questions around Cisco Prime v3.1 reporting? Is there any way of reporting withing Cisco Prime on Access Switch interfaces that have been inactive for a specific time frame (30 days or so), we are looking to run this report...

How can I take the following tcl and with EEM schedule it so the router pings the list of IP addresses every 2, 6, 8,  or 24 hours? router# tclshrouter(tcl)#foreach address {10.x.x.20110.x.x.20110.x.x.20210.x.x.20310.x.x.20410.x.x.20510.x.x.20610.x.x...

DAVID by Level 3
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Hi All, What would you recommend is the best tool to test the bandwidth and traffic on an MPLS network from one site to the Datacenter,  we have an issue with one of our supplier where their application seems to be the problem in transferring data t...

nasdaq123 by Level 1
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Hello, I tried to distribute Software Image on 2960-X with Prime 3.1, but that doesn't work : Cannot coerce string type to XML document type, the empty string is not a valid XML document. My Prime version is :  hdv-prime1/admin# show version Cisc...

ssambourg by Level 1
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