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Was in the middle of the IOS push on the switches and encounter one problem and i.e. on every switch I am receiving the error i.e. Device running-config is modified but failed to save the running-config to startup-config.Cause: TELNET: Failed to esta...

We have LMS Version 4.2.2 and using it for managing Firewall Service Module (FWSM), Software 4.1(9), (SNMPv2,Telnet,SSH and TFTP allowed).Inventory Polling for FWSM is always failing.  What could be a problem ?Inventory Collection is ok. Inventory Po...

smandrapa by Beginner
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                   Hi,I am having Cisco LMS 3.2I want to give an access to some desktop administrators so that they can pull the report of User Tracking in campus manager.Is there any way so that I can restric users to campus manager only?

HiOn standard Cisco hardware I can send a trap using "snmp-server enable trap config" and it sends a number of traps with different entries status's and I am using CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB:ccmHistoryEventConfigDestination is equal to 4 (being a change to...