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Hi Everyone, I have generated a CSR for UCCX tomcat certificate. Upon checking with the customer, they wanted to change the details in the Subject field, specifically for the Organization and Locality field. But in any Cisco OS admin I haven't seen a...

Hello, We have a spare TRC6 from an SX10 that was removed and I want to use it with another SX10. I tried to use it, but it doesn't work, the batteries were replaced. Is there a way to reset the remote to work with another codec, or should it just wo...

Translator by Community Manager
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have a request for when my caller enters 7 numeric digits that the result or "out" contains the 7 digits plus the constant "LU" . Currently I can do it if the constant is a prefix , such as "LU1234567" but what I want is "1234567LU. Below is a gramma...

asegal by Level 1
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Hi,as ISR 4000 routers are soon eol, it seems that there is only the possibilty to use 8200 Catalyst for CUBE.Which license do we need in this case?Or to put it another way, which possibilties are there, to use CUBE? (10 concurrent calls, max 3 SIP t...

RHA by Level 1
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