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Hello ,I have IVR 3.12 and it is connected to external database.In the external database the data is stored as "nvarchar".I came to know that IVR does not support "nvarchar".Is there a way to get the value from SQL without changing the database data ...

rnarayana by Contributor
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What are the advantages of running SIP over SCCP on a Cisco IP phone for use with CallManager and Unity. We have been running SCCP for as long as we have had IP Phones, is there any advantage to Running SIP images and any downfalls? Also, is conver...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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After getting into the CCM User login page,when I key in the User ID and Password,I get the error -You could not be authenticated successfully. Please try again. (Reason: Connection to the LDAP server failed, see result code)Tried several user IDs.Sa...

anupama78 by Beginner
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Is it possible to change the canned AA prompts within CUE? I have a customer who would rather the system say "Enter the extension..." vs. "enter the number...". Can the (ccn copy url) command be used to copy other recorded prompts to over write the...

ahopkins by Beginner
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How do you get the softphone corporate directory to work. I tried everyhting I could find on cisco's site. Whenver i hit show, the creen just swithces to the phone, no errors, nothing. Its ccm3.3, softphone 1.3Id appreciate any suggestions.

cbrooks by Beginner
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We have a customer who wants to start using the 2.5mm headset jack on their 7920s. To date, no headset we have used seems to work. I'm suspecting this is due to the lack of a physical headset button on the handset or a headset softkey in the templa...

jhatfield by Beginner
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