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The company I work for has the voicemail to email setup. I'm creating a new helpdesk solution where IT Help desk Voicemail create troubletickets. In order to achieve this, the Voicemail email must be forwarded to another account. My problem is the Ci...

jmealer01 by Beginner
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In UCCX 9.1,  Once the agent hangs up the phone, the agent should manually change the state to READY to make herself available to receive next calls, can it be automatically. Please advice.

I have several users trying different interfaces with HDMI or DVI converter connecting to lenovo dock. The DX80 can only be set as 1360x765 resolution on PC's setting. Is there anything I can try on PC to change this behavior? Thanks. Lou

HII would like to configure 2 h323 gateway on the cisco call manager,Each gateway's have got 2 E1's. I would like to know is it possible to configure redundancy on the ccm ? if we can how the ccm will come to know the first gateway is down or fully u...

nuetel111 by Beginner
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Hi all, I want to get some advice, We will work on Cisco & Lync intagration with Call Manager and expressway architecture, however, our customer use both cisco and Lync in same domain. As Lync integration document, Cisco is in different domain which ...

ackarabas by Beginner
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