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Hi my friends; I have a questión which is the diference of the output  show  vpc consistency-parameters global. In cluster VPC one dont show the Interface-vlan admin up and Interface-vlan routing in both switches , but in cluster two show me it in t...

mhuaynate by Level 1
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Hi , Can anyone provide comparison on N5K-N2K  straight through vs Activie Active topology  . Besides need answer on below - Can we send active active traffic using Straight Through Topology with out using VPC at server end. Thanks in advance . Reg...

Hello friends,  I am really confused, someone help me with the information, please! Can I get into CISCO with just CCNA R&S certification or I need to do further certifications? Waiting for information and guidance, Thank you, Sai Kiran

Hi, Could you please let me know what are models of Nexus 9500 series supports 4 Way HRP between two DCs. Each DC is having pair of Core switches. I know that Nexus 9504 supports that. I want to know other than 9504 any other series or model support...

Hi,we have the Nexus 7000 series and we want to upgrade to the 7700 series.We are using 3 VDCs and we were using the License --> N7K-ADV1K9Today we want to have at the 7700 the 3 VDcs using Supervisor 2E and I cannot find the same license for N77K, I...

Hi All I'm having trouble finding RCA for around 100 plus server blades (7 IBM Enclosures) got network fluctuation causing some application stop on these servers. Topology: Server-1 blades(14 no.'s)-->IBM Switch embedded (L2)-->Port X/Y of N5K(each ...