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I understand that certain multicast blocks are routable and are not routable (e.g. /24), but I can't find anything on the reserved multicast subnet block ( - and - subnet blocks are ...

BVC by Beginner
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HelloI have a simple lab trying to do an EIGRP auto-summary.There are three routers in the lab: E8---E0---E2auto-summary is configured on E0, and I am trying to summarize the loopback interfaces on E2 and verify the results on E8. I was expecting to ...

Aoi by Beginner
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Hi All, We have a Scenario where Router-1(Service provider Router) --> Router-2 (HoP Router)--> Router-3 (Customer Router) connected configured with BGP.Requirement is :  if BGP peering between Service provider(Router-1) and Router-2(HoP Router) goes...

BGP End to End.jpg

Hello, I just tried to upgrade an WS-C3650-48PD running firmware 16.3.6 to new firmware version  cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.12.07.SPA (INSTALL mode) I used the command: request platform software package install switch all file fcat3k_caa-universalk9.16...

I have a SG300 switch, and would like to make a GRE tunnel to it. Thus I typed this: configure terminalinterface Tunnel1ip address But got % Unrecognized command Using command line help I can see that ip does not exist, but...

Hi, I am doing a project in my university. I done configure all of the router and server. The web server is working but the Internet server is not working. Both of these using different router. I am implemented frame relay and and ospf in this projec...

I want to block all servers from Lahore Router 3 network so that only Lahore Router 3 Pcs and Laptops not able to access all these servers. Please help! 


Hello, I recently started preparing for CCNA and bought a 1921 router for home lab. I was configuring ip address and noticed the status of the port changed from administratively down to down. I looked up and understood that this may be a hardware iss...

High community,I´ve installed a new CA on a 4451, because I want to shutdown the old CA on a 2921.I used nearly the same config on the 4451 as on the 2921 of course different URL IP and so on.The config looks Ok, and the startup of the CA looks norma...

wabbot22 by Beginner
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