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Dear AllThere is a network where there are one data center and more than 200 branch office networks. They are connected with each other through EIGRP over MPLS. We can imagine there are a lot EIGRP traffic in there. My question is that what is a good...

yangfrank by Level 1
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Hi there,We run a very straighforward network with no QoS or anything implemented on it, but we are seeing a big difference in speeds - generally our download speed is good but the upload speed is bad - 80down/8up. This is between devices on our netw...

   I have the current rules in an attempt to open port 5060 and 10000-20000 for my VoIP provider.  We are on a Cisco 1921 router.  This ACl is applied to the WAN port on the router facing the ISP.  Nmap port scan shows these ports as closed.  Can som...

I am trying to configure 2 VPCs on a pair of Nexus 5010s.The interfaces I want to use show as connected, but as soon as I create the port-channel interface with the "channel-group 123" command, the physical interfaces show as "notconnect" and the int...

We have a 3 T1s that are bonded going into a 3925 with a VWIC3-4MFT that after a BGP flap 2 days ago the circuits have been taking errors very slowly.  The errors are only hitting groups, Runts, Input errors, and CRC.  The number for each are very cl...

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