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Two ISP bandwidth utilization in one office

Hi Experts,I have need to know few things. 1. I have 2 ISP's and want to use both the ISP on same time. ISP1 (5 MBPS ) ISP2 (10 MBPS ) so can I use both the ISP at same time and there is any chance to use load balancing as well ? Both the ISP is dif...

Mukesh by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP: I do not see a table of their prefixes

Good day! Friends, faced with strangeness when configuring protocol BGP - one of the boarders, I do not see prefixes that advertises my other Border ... In order ... There are two boarders are included in the AS78: Point1 - announcement

Port forwarding for DVR

Hi all,I am currently working on some DVR issue. The objective is to allow internet users to access DVR by port forwarding (using, I am facing some issues First of all, I tried with this below config. With this config...

conditional advertisement

Dear Friends,We are planning to configure  BGP conditional advertisement at our Network.I would like to share with you the idea behind that.We have 4 UP Links , we are advertise our prefixes to them identical on all of Links.So what is the best pract...

Cisco 877 - ErrI2CRx: BD=0xA000, ER=0x0000

Hi,Can any one help me please?I have this error on my equipment and i don't know what is that.Any one knows?Error:Aug 21 11:48:34.001 PT: ErrI2CRx: BD=0xA000, ER=0x0000Aug 21 11:48:43.935 PT: ErrI2CRx: BD=0xA000, ER=0x0000Aug 21 11:48:53.436 PT: ErrI...

alvesjoao by Beginner
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Cisco 819 LTE Router

I am having issues trying to create a cellular data profile, it is not the command that is the problem, but i choose to overwrite a profile it says "profile # NOT written to modem"I did a debug on the cellular interface when adding a profile, and i g...

This BGP synchronization!

Greetings!Here is an except from the Cisco Press I am using to study:"The BGP synchronization rule, which states that a BGP router should not use, or advertise to an external neighbor, a route learned by IBGP, unless that route is local or is learned...

Cisco 3845 OIR Hot swap

Hi All,Just wondering if the 3845 supports OIR ( hot swap). I am looking at a link which says The   Cisco 3845 and 3845-NOVPN router suppor...