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I am trying to do a VoIP lab with my Cisco Academy.  I purchased 12 4221 routers and 12 4321 routers.  I was told by our sales rep that one of these routers could do Voice.  However neither router has the telephony-service command.  Can someone point...

Greetings, I am studying for my CCNA and got a few routers and switches for a test lab. I am just trying to get 2 Cisco 2800 routers to communicate properly and I am running into problems. I tried first with the serial ports, and now I am trying with...

mcardinal by Level 1
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Resolved! Mpls route issue

Hello, please check the topology below attached, It is Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) lab. i didn't start the customer side configuration, trying to fix the issue between CSR-9 and IOS-1.Both router exchanged their routes but they are not reachable...


hi,my ASR1K had a CPU hog bug/crash, so i plan to upgrade from 16.9.8 to 16.12.8. question are:1. will the ASR1K retain the "adventerprise" license?2. will it be converted as "perpetual" licen...

Looking at the process to upgrade an ASR 1001-x, currently 16.9.2. Doing some research this looks to be not the old way of uploading the bin, changing the boot var and performing a reload. I have a few questions.1. the document shows a "subpackage" i...

netspazz by Level 1
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Hi Guys,Having issues enabling ssh on the Cisco 8300 router.I have configured hostname, domain name, authentication, rsa key, ip ssh version 2. but when i do sho ip ssh it saysSSH Disabled - version 2.0%Please create RSA keys to enable SSH (and of at...

Currently working on an issue where I'm trying to see if it's possible to have a L2 segment accessible at multiple locations.  I have 3 locations connected to SM fiber; HQ has 3850 in L3 w/ the SVI/gateway for all of the vlans and all 3 locations poi...

Hi all, Please help me with the below configuration, i`m stuck on basic routing for last two days. End users get dhcp, but no internet access - any guidance will be much appriciated. Building configuration... Current configuration : 1817 bytes!! Last...

alficho23 by Level 1
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Hello,   first attempt to completely configure a router (2911) with CLI.  I am asking the community to review my confguration script.Topology:  The church will have a single 2911 router.  Router port 0/0 will have 4 subinterfaces, 1 for each vlan.  A...

npranger by Level 1
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