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C3750E QinQ mtu

Hi Expert,I have got 2 pairs of stack C3750E and with qinq configurationtopology as below:===========Site A==========                                                      ===========Site B==========C6509(G3/1)<-->(g2/0/22)C3750E(g1/0/23)<----Service ...

johnnydeep by Beginner
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Resolved! Combine 2 or 3 DSL lines for load balancing

Hey there,We have a branch office with limited Internet connection options. The branch has an 871 router connected to a 10 down/1 up DSL line.The router has two VPN tunnels, one through our Managed Security Provider out to the Internet and one throug...

sugarriver by Beginner
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Prefer BGP over EIGRP for default route

We have the task to upgrade our existing PRIMARY circuit running EIGRP over PPP DS3 to our hubsite using ethman using BGP. We have a existing Secondary ROUTER in place running EIGRP over another PPP with delay set to manage it being the secondary. I ...

Resolved! isdn call establishes but doesnt pass traffic

hi,we are facing an issue with the isdn link, which is used as a back_up link using a separate router. isdn call is establishing and can see the call in ' sh isdn active ' and status but it does get dropped in 20sec and whenever the isdn session is e...

A question about QOS

So we are having an argument here in the office about whether our QOS actually works or not, so I thought I would throw the scenario at the learned folks on here.We have 2 Cat 6506's each with a gigabit link to a 3845 router running QOS, this in turn...

sdawson35 by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF Problem, where to start from

Hi, I have configured lots of router with OSPF. Most of them working fine, but on some of the routers it's not working. Same commands used except the network address change. I have checked the commands, nothing wrong in commands.The "sh ip ospf datab...

Mero Cisco by Beginner
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Cisco 2811 and IOS 15.2

The IOS 15.2 M release is not supported on the Cisco 2811 series Routers as far as led me to believe. I was wonderi...

Issue with ASR1002 IOS upgrade

I get this error when updating the IOS on our ASR 1002 router:Calculating SHA-1 hash...donevalidate_package: SHA-1 hash:calculated e581b06d:923b1cc8:e5497571:66f9de35:70fd0ac8expected   aedab318:d8f213f5:36e12355:f70fa900:5c12d08cSHA-1 hash doesn't m...

VRRP and config sync

When using Cisco 2911 ISR with VRRP is it possible to automatically sync the configuration between two routers, or do I need to manually apply the same configuration changes to both?Is VRRP the best option for High Availability for these routers?

Auto-RP Setup

We have 20 sites each with their own local network connected to a central site via WAN connection. Initially, there will be a multicast host and clients (that want to connect to this multicast host) at each site. Clients later down the road may want ...

dtom by Beginner
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Looking to Upgrade Internet Router

We currently have 1 T1 coming into a 1700 series router for our internet traffic.  We are looking to add 2 more T1's to this and was curious what would be a recomended router for this.  Our provider is trying to sell us an adtran for $4200 which can ...

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