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Sum of all bandwidth guarantees can not be greater than port shape rate

Espero que me puedan ayudar:- tengo la configuración (config OK interface policy..) cuya configuración funciona y esta politica se aplica a las interfaces y funciona correctamente.- cuando cambio el average shape (de 288000 a 256000) en la política. ...

WiFi on laptop, not on phone

Hi,So I brought over a friend's wireless router to allow for wifi in my apartment.  When he originally set up the router, he hid the ID from being visible during a scan (so you have to manually enter the ID and password for the wifi to be accessed).I...

Resolved! Changing a route-map

I have route-map defined on my ASR 1002 12.2(33)XNE and applied to my gi0/0/1 interface.  I need to change the IP address defined on the "set ip next-hop ..." line.  My question is, when I make the change in just the route-map definition, does the ch...

N3t W0rK3r by Participant
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FPD Log Messages / SIP 200 / 7600

Hi Dear,Recently i have upgraded my 7606 router with 12.2(33) SRD8 IOS,but i notice these log messages:*Oct 17 05:05:11 UTC: %FPD_MGMT-3-INCOMP_IMG_VER: Incompatible ROMMON (FPD ID=5) image version detected for 7600-SIP-200 card in slot 1. Detected v...

7600 Log Message

Dear Experts,would you please clarify this log message:*Oct 23 06:20:07 UTC: %FPD_MGMT-3-INCOMP_IMG_VER: Incompatible ROMMON (FPD ID=5) image version detected for 7600-SIP-200 card in slot  Detected version = 1.3, minimum required version = 1.4. Curr...

wan and lan on same ip?

Heya,Today I've received a strange request from a customer.They have 3 servers currently directly connected to the cloud. For the sake of easy translation let's say they're on IP addresses: customer wan...

Resolved! Cisco 1941 Configuration Help

Hello everyone,I am new to posting to the Cisco Support Community, though I read tips on here regularly because it is quite helpful to understanding common issues with Cisco products. Anyway I am in need of help and am wondering if you guys could hel...

swdowsett by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 1700 + Adsl Moden

Hi,I'm from Brazil, and I have an 1700 cisco Router and a ADSL connection to Internet.How may I use it on my home network?There's any configuration that I should to do?Regards.Pedro Francezi                  

Packet drop in ipsec tunnel

Hi,I have a 1841 router connected to an ISP (currently SDSL EFM 10Mbps through an ISP modem, the router and the model are connected with a FastEthernet interface). On another location I have a linux server.There is an ipsec tunnel (3des-sha esp) betw...