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I have a question that I cannot find an answer to.  I have a 2811 router at our Switzerland location that has 2 single WICS.  When I do a sho ver it gives me the following information:2 FastEthernet interfaces2 Serial interfaces2 Channelized E1/PRI p...

mannatech by Beginner
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                   Hello,i have a cisco 892 router that is behind a NAT/ROUTER/DHCP device of the ISP.i need to configure DDNS but i get a privat ip on the Cisco "WAN" interface.i need a local ip/port to be available from the outside.i have configure...

hola  a todos. necesito tu ayuda:   estoy por configurar una Red pero estoy a cero: Tengo 2 Enlaces  de Distintos Proveedores,  tengo 2 Router RV042,...  y ya me  mandaran 2 Switches Catalyst 2960..  quien me puede indicar como los puedo configurar...

I am trying to run the following commands on a 2801 router, but the commands are missing:mls qos mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 40 32 46 48 56The only QoS command i have in global config is (no MLS qos) :REMOTE-ROUTER1(config)#qos ?  restore-show-output...

jeff_turl by Beginner
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I seem to be having an issue getting a 3xT1 bonded solution to work. I can get 2 out of the 3 T1s to come up and pass traffic, but I can not get the third one to be added to the solution.Hardware: 2851IOS: c2800nm-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T8.binModu...

fredareid by Beginner
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Hello,I am very new in Cisco and this is a first time that I've received task to configure it. This is going to be my backup router in case one of 2 existing Cisco 857 routers fails. I will keep new router off-line but first I would like to configure...

itsupport by Beginner
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Hi All,Wonder if one of you might be able to clear up a question. I'm looking at an existing config with the following detail in it:class-map match-any Gold-Outboundmatch ip dscp ef!!policy-map ABC-GOLDclass Gold-Outbound    priority 5012class class-...

hooneyrob by Beginner
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Hi,Need some suggestions in getting my 7200 back up and running.  Long story short I formatted my 7200 CF in another platform as I needed to lab something rather quickly and totally forget my 7200 boots from this.  Problem is the 7200 will no longer ...

Hello everyone,To start with I would to thank and appreciate this forum for the help and knowledge I have acquired through this as a beginner in this wonderfull technology.My next question is this: On my home Lab I want to setup my mail (Exchange) se...

Hi We are getting this bizzar error messages accross the board 30 plus routers (76XX) and message time stamp is the same for all the routers meaning we get this error message around 17:55 in the evening. Cant seems to find any answer please help. FYI...

Resolved! 225ms delays

Hi AllI got a vpn conection bweeten US and Australia, my delay time are 225ms and Im running 3 servers with Microsoft Dynamics AX 200.How can I decerese such hi delays.?Is WAAS will be a good option here or I need to speak with the service  provider ...

Hello All,10.X.X.X subnet need to be natted to 192.168.X.xHere customer LAN is 10.X.X.x  and 192.168.X.X is the place where client server is located.We have to NAT 10.x.x.x  to 192.168.x.x as 10.x.x.x subnet is not permitted at server end. There is o...